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About us...

Classes are taught Monday thru Friday at STUDIO 9.  Whether you are looking to learn how to dance, meet new people,  lose weight, get fit, or just want an extra hobby and something to do to have fun, STUDIO 9 is the place for you.

Our friendly staff of instructors will make you feel right at home at STUDIO 9, whether you are 19 or 90 (or anywhere in between).  Occasionally, students feel nervous or anxious about learning something new but we keep things relaxed and fun, and you will find yourself looking forward to class each week to join your new classmates in laughter and camaraderie.

No partners are needed in our dance classes as we rotate many times within the class so that everyone has a chance to dance.  This keeps everyone moving and also gives you an opportunity to meet new people.  But we want you to feel comfortable, so if you bring a partner and only want to dance with that partner, we can accommodate you as well.  Please let the instructor know at the beginning of the class so you will not have to rotate partners when the class is in progress.